Our extraordinary approach leads to extraordinary outcomes. Reviews from our Clients commend and celebrate the life-changing impact that our tutors and expertise have had on their families.

I am pleased to offer a testimonial for Tutors-International. My experience with the company has been a positive one, right from the beginning. All of my questions were answered in a professional manner. I was met by the director at my convenience, and he took care of all of the recruitment details. Through their extensive assessment and interviewing process, Tutors-International was able to find the perfect tutor to meet our needs and fit into our lives. The posting was short and intensive, but extremely successful. I have no reservations about recommending Tutors-International to any parent who is looking for high quality education for their child/children.


Adam's help was invaluable in finding a teacher for our boys. We really appreciated the care he took in getting to know us and our particular requirements before beginning his rigorous interview procedure. Adam was always there for our queries or requests and would not rest until we were fully satisfied with our choice of teacher. On three different occasions he has found us enterprising and highly qualified teachers. I would recommend Tutors International to anyone looking for a private tutor.


It seemed a great success, and we can't praise Simon enough for all his patience, humour, and was excellent regarding his handling of Lucy who has a definite 'mind of her own'! I think we are all rather sorry the end has come!


I can't begin to adequately express our gratitude to you for finding such a perfect tutor. B has been so happy with our tutor, and is so enthused. The whole family really love her; I can hardly believe it's only been a week! She's been really wonderful, and so calm and organised and proactive about everything.


We have gained two very dear friends who have been extremely instrumental in the girls' education and we all feel blessed and grateful for that.


I wanted to let you know the marvellous news that she has been accepted at Sussex [University]. Thank you SO much for all you have done - we are eternally grateful!


We are thrilled with the tutor. She has so fired our daughter up who, at supper last night, said that she had never realised that learning could be such fun. Thank you for this wonderful introduction. We are so happy.


I am extremely please with M's progress. That is putting it very mildly. Things have turned out far better that I had even hoped for. The tutors have brought out the best in him.


My daughter was full of how much she enjoyed working with you. How you were the only person who had never shouted at her. How she felt so happy doing things for you because she felt you understood her and could help her not only now but in the longer term as you worked on things that would make a permanent difference to the way she learns. She loved your constancy, your calm approach and the fact that she could count on you to be firm but fair. He was impressed. I was touched. Thank you for being so kind and constructive. this has made a big difference to her confidence at school.


Wonderful that our tutor wishes to stay. We are very happy with her.


Our family has nothing but the highest praise for Tutors International. It's hard to imagine that W. could have had a finer education last year. He learned so much, to write incisively and to think critically and creatively. He went way beyond completing his required senior courses (for example, reading sixteen books, which were not on the syllabus). Most important the experience with Tutors International turned W. into a real student.

Our family really enjoyed having W's tutors living with us. They were kind, generous, funny and really, really smart. We missed them when they were gone.

London/New York/Puerto Rico, 2005

First impressions are great. The school loves her, the kids enjoy her teaching and we love to have her around. Now we just have to wait and see the academic results, but I have a feeling they will be very good too.


Things are going pretty well. George and Clive get on and George has now settled down to a regular pattern. I think he realises the benefit of having Clive and is working towards his GCSE's with a reasonable amount of motivation. His behaviour has improved and I believe that Clive is a good influence in this very important year at school.

Muswell Hill

Thanks so much and thanks for the tutors! The kids are having an amazing time!

New Jersey

The tutor is relaxed and easy to be with, and it seems like she's been here for a month instead of only a few days (and I mean that in a good way!)

New York

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