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Just thought I would let you know that D. got into Berkeley University

and is off to California in August.

SAT Student

We are very happy with our tutor, he and W work so well together. We wish him to continue. He is absolutely brilliant.

Yacht, Sea

She came to help me out and thoroughly "threw herself" into it, everyone loves her and she seemed to have fun. Which is pretty amazing, sort of a "Family Test", can you deal with our chaos? She did great and seems excited to come back in 3 weeks.


Things have been very good with [the Tutor]. She shows commitment and is warm and friendly, but firm with the children.


As you know our tutor is now back in California. She did an absolutely outstanding job and I would like to thank you again for having arranged for her to come and work with E & C. A great success for both of them.


Having worked with A [the Tutor] for over a year now, I can honestly say that the benefits have been tremendous - far more than I could ever have anticipated. Apart from his outstanding academic support and guidance, which has improved my overall performance at school, he has become much more than a tutor. He has become a mentor, someone I can trust and seek advice from, and a friend.

San Diego

[The Tutor] seems to have gotten off to a busy start, and the results so far are very good. She has the kids studying hard for long hours to catch up on missed work, without them complaining. L had her first test - she was so proud, she got 100%. We are very happy and the kids are very motivated.


I was fifteen years old, pursuing my dream of becoming a professional tennis player and I needed someone to help me get through my GCSEs. We got a tutor - his objective – to get me two As in Math and the Sciences. The outcome – two As in Math and the Sciences. Sheer brilliance on his part, overcoming my fear of math, leading me to appreciate how a teacher can change a child’s life.

Never have I met a man or a teacher who is so internally curious, someone who cares so much about who I am as well as how I do in a math problem. His continuous questioning of not only the subjects that he had been assigned to teach but also of life in general inspired me to be more aware of my surroundings and more enthusiastic about learning in general. His sheer brilliance and intellect made me realize how much I respected him just for his pursuit of knowledge and his passion for teaching.

I was initially very afraid of math but he made it enjoyable and by the time the exam came around I felt that I had a complete grasp of the subject, all fears eradicated. There was no doubt that our tutor was a born teacher and every time I think back to this experience it makes me realize how fortunate I was to have had such a great person at my disposal.

Perugia, Italy

Things have gone exceptionally well. Simon has been outstanding with Oliver, who has really blossomed over the past two months. As well as the academic side, Simon has also been very helpful on the pastoral aspects. Oliver can now look forward with confidence to next year at Winchester. I cannot recommend Simon highly enough. What could have been a disastrous downward spiral for Oliver has been the exact reverse.


Things are progressing very well. Simon is a real find and is absolutely right for Oliver (they are actually quite alike in some ways). We are most grateful for your help in this.


We would like to thank you again for arranging a tutoring visit. I think she made a huge positive impact on my son.


We were absolutely delighted with the work the tutor did with our son. We found him to be an inventive tutor and endlessly enthusiastic. It was a pleasure having him as a house guest too.


I would like to say how pleased we were with our tutor and the whole arrangement. It was a great year for both [F] and us and he is now happily established at Etonhurst House at Millfield.


We loved having you and you've helped enormously with M's studying and organizational techniques. I know he will miss you a lot, as will the rest of us. We loved having you as part of our family! You made a big difference in M's year and we enjoyed having you around.

New York

The tutor is relaxed and easy to be with, and it seems like she's been here for a month instead of only a few days (and I mean that in a good way!)

New York

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