Does Homeschool Tutoring Diminish a Child's Social Skills?

Does Homeschool Tutoring Diminish a Child's Social Skills?

Here’s a fresh perspective: homeschooling and personalised tutoring might actually enhance a child's ability to navigate social waters, challenging the old assumption that such educational paths might stunt social development.

At the forefront of this discussion is the invaluable role of the private tutor, who crafts a learning environment that champions both academic rigour and the cultivation of social skills.

Experts argue that the unique tutor-student relationship developed in a homeschooling setting is instrumental in enhancing a child's social intelligence.

This personalised interaction allows for a symbiotic relationship, where the student feels confident to engage, ask for help, and receive tailored feedback. Such an environment is perfect for teaching children effective social relationship management, mirroring interpersonal awareness, and collaboration, thereby offering a model for caring social interactions.

Adam Caller, Founder and CEO of Tutors International, explains:

“A bespoke private tutor enables the student to interact on a one-to-one basis with their tutor; they are able to form a symbiotic relationship that allows the student to feel confident to ask questions, answer questions and ask for support when needed. The tutor will enhance the learning experience by providing feedback, encouraging and motivating the student by asking more challenging questions, by giving examples or by prompting.

“The depth and intensity of this customised learning experience allows the child to learn how to deal with social relationships effectively. They learn to follow the example of their tutor who is modelling interpersonal awareness and collaboration whilst participating in a caring social interaction.”

Due to the bespoke nature of private tutoring, tailored to match the student's individual passions and the family's lifestyle, significantly heightens the student's enthusiasm for learning (take a look at Bloom’s 2-Sigma-2 problem). This personalised approach not only accelerates academic achievement but also ensures that the educational journey is aligned with the child's own strengths, weaknesses, passions and character, enriching the overall learning experience.

Furthermore, the daily dialogue and rapport with highly educated tutors, many of whom are alumni of esteemed universities, are instrumental in bolstering a child's social confidence. These interactions serve as a critical platform for teaching students the art of initiating, developing, and maintaining friendships and relationships - vital aspects of social intelligence that might be sidelined in the usual classroom setting due to logistical constraints.

One Tutors International client, based in Cheshire, England, comments on the social experiences provided by their tutor:

“[The tutor] was very focused on the importance of social interaction for children and often encouraged us to go above and beyond organising events and experiences where the girls could be with other children, from French clubs to Brownies, to ensure the girls maintained contact and built new friendships.”

We were asked whether full-time tuition negatively impacts a child’s social life. Adam Caller at the Prestel & Partners Forum (watch the video from 02:08 to 03:54) on the social side of private tuition, summarised below:

“This is probably the most common concern that families have when they think about taking their children out of school full time. And I want you to think for a moment about your own friendships, the people that you think of as friends now, and just consider how many of those are people you know from school days. Or are they people you met at university or are in the same club, or are in a sports team or music group with you?

“What happens when we take people out of school is that we're not taking them away from people. The plan is not to sit alone with a student and a teacher in a classroom and say, there's just the two of you and that's your life now.

“Most of the day, the other, say, 12 hours they’re awake and not studying, that's when they socialise. We're not talking about taking children away from other children. In fact, when they're home schooled, they have more time to socialise.”

It’s true - thanks to the one-on-one attention, children only need a few hours each day of tuition to achieve their academic goals. That leaves ample time for the extra-curricular activities their tutor will have in mind for their social growth. Whether it’s team sports, a music club, drama group, or arranging for friends to come over - the tutor takes pride and responsibility for the growth of the whole child, ensuring they are fulfilled and enriched in all aspects of their lives.

In our considerable experience, homeschooling and private tutoring are far from being detrimental to a child's social life or social intelligence.

Through tailored, individualised learning experiences, children are equipped with a comprehensive set of social skills, laying a solid foundation not only for academic success but also for thriving social interactions in their everyday lives.

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