Tutors International’s Mentorship of Nampet: A Successful First Year

Friday, April 30th, 2021
Tutors International’s Mentorship of Nampet: A Successful First Year

April 2021 marks one year of Tutors International’s mentorship of Nampet Sae-Heng.

Nampet sitting for artist, Hazel Morgan

Tutors International's Mentorship of Nampet

OXFORD, UK: Residential private tutoring company, Tutors International, officially launched the Mentorship Programme last year. The inaugural mentee was 17-year-old Tobias Zijlstra. Tutors International’s mentorship of Tobias gave him the opportunity to be enrolled in the School at Sea programme. The second student to benefit from Tutors International's mentorship was 11-year-old Nampet Sae-Heng. Nampet is a gifted gymnast and ballerina who exhibits academic excellence. April 2021 concludes the first year of Tutors International’s mentorship of Nampet.

Her first year on the Mentorship Programme has been hugely successful. Nampet started her new school, Norwich High School for Girls. She has continued private ballet and gymnastics classes all through the pandemic with thanks to distanced and online classes. She has also experienced the first enrichment trip with her secondary school. Perhaps the most exciting opportunity afforded to her by Tutors International's mentorship is getting her portrait painted by Hazel Morgan. Hazel Morgan is an internationally renowned portrait artist, who has been royally approved. As with all of Tutors International’s endeavours, the Mentorship Programme offers above and beyond what is traditionally expected of it. More than a financial sponsorship for schooling, and more than just supporting formal education, the Tutors International’s mentorship offers extraordinary life experiences too. It is this commitment to high-quality education that established Tutors International as the reputable residential private tutoring company it is today.

A Model Student

Nampet has consistently demonstrated a conscientious attitude and a commitment to getting the most out of Tutors International's Mentorship Programme. Her ambition is best demonstrated in her goals for 2021. These included finishing the first draft of a book she’s writing, winning gold in gymnastics competitions, sustaining an exemplary academic performance, and “overall be a better person and try and make an impact on the world.” These qualities make her not only a worthy recipient of Tutors International’s mentorship, but an inspiring figure of resilience and hope in trying times.

The Mentorship Programme

In accordance with the individualised approach to education that makes Tutors International such a prestigious residential private tutoring company, the Mentorship Programme is highly personalised for each mentee. Tobias required a worldly new perspective and help with his ADHD, so School at Sea suited his needs. Nampet required sponsorship for nurturing her academic and extra-curricular talents. In the same way that tailored tutoring ensures the best cultivation of each student’s talents and values, Tutors International’s mentorship ensures individualised guidance and opportunities for each mentee.

Adam Caller – Founder and CEO of Tutors International – created the Mentorship Programme to apply his expertise in tutoring to a highly individualised approach to mentorship. At the heart of his residential private tutoring company is the belief that high-quality education requires an individualised approach. Every student will have different needs and circumstances. Tutors International’s Mentorship Programme provides personalised opportunities for each mentee.

Nampet: "I am delighted"

When reflecting on her first year of Tutors International’s mentorship, Nampet recognises the success:

“I am delighted with how the last year turned out and loved every minute at my new school. My teachers tell me I am doing really well. I am very pleased that I could continue to practice my gymnastics. Even though recently we did it over Zoom, I did manage to get into the gym during the summer. I am so happy that Tutors International enabled me to keep up my ballet training privately after group classes had to be cancelled. As a result, I was very excited to recently receive a place on the Royal Ballet School’s summer programme! I'm extremely grateful to Adam, not only for sponsoring me, but allowing me to go for the opportunities that have come my way – especially having my portrait painted by Hazel."

Adam Caller

Nampet’s successful first year is a testament to her hard work, the unwavering support of her mother, Wan, and an effective inaugural year for Tutors International’s Mentorship Programme itself.

Adam Caller comments:

“Nampet has consistently shown her commitment to personal and academic progress, and always expresses gratitude. She is an extremely talented girl who has embraced every opportunity given to her and has proved deserving of every opportunity she gets. She has dealt with the hardships of the past year’s pandemic restrictions with maturity, resilience and resourcefulness. April 2020 to April 2021 has been a transformative year for the world, but it has certainly been a transformative year for Nampet. It has seen her mature into a model secondary school pupil, continue her ballet and gymnastics with impressive discipline, and still, she strives to better herself. She is exactly the kind of person Tutors International's mentorship was made for. I'm very optimistic about her future, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next year brings for Nampet and Tutors International’s Mentorship Programme.”

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