Tutors International reports rise in popularity of a 'global education’

“Global schools” are on the rise, where students travel the world, and their teachers use different cultures and experiences to support a broader education. It’s an inspirational way of learning that private tutors have long embraced.

The emerging trend for travelling 'global schools' is intriguing, and Adam Caller, founder of leading global firm, Tutors International, made a statement this week expressing his excitement that more families are broadening horizons when it comes to their children’s education.

The concept of a pre-packaged, multicultural learning experience is likely to be an attractive one for adventure-seeking teens, and incorporates many of the benefits associated with full-time private tutoring placements.

Mr Caller commented: "It's exciting to see more initiatives like this popping up, because it proves that more people are recognising the benefits of the type of multicultural, experiential learning offered by our own private tutors to our international clients. The ever-increasing number of enquiries we have received at Tutors International in itself demonstrates the value of an experiential, multicultural education. Particularly with our sister company, Sea Tutors, we are now seeing some very exciting opportunities cropping up for tutors and families alike."

Since it was founded in 1999, Tutors International has matched private tutors with families from all over the world, to accompany them on travelling placements such as extended family sabbaticals, travelling between multiple holiday homes, or with clients travelling regularly for work and keen to keep their family together, sometimes even aboard private yachts.

Mr Caller has long been an advocate for this kind of learning environment for inspiring students, and maintains that private tutors are the best placed to use new cultures, environments, and experiences to the learning advantage of their individual student. Sea Tutors, for example, specialises in placing exceptional tutors with families spending six months of the year travelling at sea, with children then re-joining their traditional classroom or receiving full-time tutoring at home for the remainder of the year.

"A talented private tutor is able to take different cultures, environments, and situations and craft them into a bespoke curriculum, with learning activities uniquely suited to the student and their individual interests, talents, and challenges. If a child will eventually be re-entering a classroom setting at the end of their adventure, this also ensures that they will return enthusiastic and up to speed, academically, with their peers, despite the lengthy time away. We’re creating a new generation of global citizens!"

Mr Caller summed up that this rise in adoption of global models of education is an encouraging leap forward, and expressed that more academic institutions embracing a multicultural and diverse learning experience should be welcomed, but recommended that parents do their research before signing children up to such initiatives. Tutors International welcomes enquiries from families to assess the individual needs of their child, and to offer impartial advice on finding the best-suited learning dynamic, wherever they are in the world.

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