Tutors International Reflect on their Presentation on the Advantages of Specialised Private Tutoring at the 2022 Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum in New York City

Friday, October 14th, 2022
Tutors International Reflect on their Presentation on the Advantages of Specialised Private Tutoring at the 2022 Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum in New York City

OXFORD, UK: On the 11th and 12th October, the Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum took place at the Harvard Club of New York City. Founder and CEO of Tutors International, Adam Caller, and colleagues, Chief Operations Officer, Victoria Gibbs, Client Account Manager, Joanna Dunckley Phillips and current tutor, Nathaniel Hannan were invited to speak as panellists at the prestigious event. Prestel and Partner organised an informative and inspiring two-day programme of expert panels and talks. It is an event that enables a lot of professionals at the top of their game to exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise across a wide range of topics. Tutors International was the only representative from the private education sector, which made for unique and exciting exchanges with other experts who spoke on wealth management, investment practice, tech advancements, the climate crisis and many other topics.

Reflections on the Family Office Forum from the Tutors International Team

CEO, Adam Caller was first to express his thoughts about the benefits of attending the Forum:

 “It was an honour for Tutors International to contribute to the ‘Learn From Peers’ section of the programme. It’s crucial that we emphasise the importance of providing a world-class education for children who will inherit a future that we won’t be a part of”.

“In the context of the recurring themes at the Forum – environmental emergency, Family Office responsibility, investment – the importance of educating young minds is the uniting common denominator. The need for high-quality education underpins all of the thoughts and discussions around our future”.

“Tutors International sources high-end, tailored tutors for the next generation of the global elite. We understand that the students who our tutors are educating will go on to be some of the most influential people in the world – that requires the best possible education. Our customised global recruitment process and twenty-plus years of experience mean we are simply the best in the world at finding that first-rate education that is completely personalised for each student and their circumstances. Positioning what we do within the context of world issues and the conversations happening between influential figures from the global elite is an enlightening, affirming and motivating experience. Added to that, I had the opportunity to witness for myself first-hand, just how amazing my own tutors and team are. It’s rare I get to hear them talk about their own roles”.

Chief Operations Officer, Victoria Gibbs felt that the team’s presentation was well received by the audience: 

“They engaged with the material and laughed in the right places, which is all anyone can ask for really!  The feedback has been good, with a few comments about how much they enjoyed our anecdotes and overall message”.

Expanding on her overall message that education is much more than what you learn in a classroom, Ms Gibbs continued:

“Education takes place in a myriad of different settings and with a plethora of different people. It’s this blend of grounded formal learning combined with real life applications that makes private tutoring so special, and here at Tutors International, we source great tutors. But what we also provide is great education. Taking charge of your children’s education through private tuition can give you more time together as a family and improve your quality of life. It can allow you to travel and experience amazing things which feed into your children’s education. It can ensure your children get the academic support and guidance that they need as they navigate their journey to adulthood. It can give you complete freedom as a family. It's not just books and sums and a whiteboard and a teacher, that's what education needs, but what an education is, what Tutors International offers families, is freedom to choose”.

Client Account Manager, Joanna Dunckley Phillips, emphasised how much fun it was to share the stage with her esteemed colleagues, tell the story of the company and what it is Tutors International can offer their client families:

“During the afternoon session, we had the opportunity to present some of the advantages and possibilities private tutoring has to offer through various case studies, as well as demonstrate the global nature of the solutions we have provided over the years. Once again, I found the Prestel & Partner experience to be highly interesting and informative. I was able to learn from and meet a lot of experts and innovative thinkers in the hallowed and intimate surrounds of the Harvard Club”.

Current tutor, Nathaniel Hannan reported that the team was met with an attentive, respectful audience who were engaged with the team’s presentation:

“They put down their phones, closed their laptops, and seemed very interested. The Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum was an invaluable experience, allowing us the opportunity to network with a broad diversity of professionals who work with UHNW clients”.

Tutors International: The Role of Full-Time Private Tuition

Tutors International are a private tutoring company specialising in finding the perfect full-time residential tutor for UHNW families. As well as conducting customised recruitment processes to find perfectly matched tutors for each Client, their ability to innovate in the tutoring market has set them apart from other high-end tutoring companies. Aside from launching ventures like Sea Tutors and the Mentorship Programme, their core function of sourcing high-end tutors is exceptional in itself.

The fact that Tutors International caters for the specialist requirements of UHNWIs means that they have recruited for micro-school coordinators in the Puerto-Rican mountains, tutors for educating on film sets, specialist SEN tutors, and academic-vocational hybrid tutors who double as sports coaches or performance mentors. This highly specialist service, tailored approach, and exclusive client base earned Tutors International the epithet, ‘the Dom Perignon of tutoring companies’ (The Good Schools Guide). 

  • Tutors International provides an unparalleled tutoring service that matches the right tutor with the right child, in order for the student to fully reach their personal potential and academic excellence.
  • Providing a service for children of all ages at different points in their educational journeys, Tutors International is a reputable tutoring company founded on a commitment to finding the perfect tutor to realise the specific goals and aspirations of each student.
  • Private Tutors are available for residential full-time positions, after-school assistance, and homeschooling.
  • Founded in 1999 by Adam Caller, Tutors International is a private company based in Oxford, a city renowned for academic excellence. Our select clientele receives a personally tailored service, with discretion and confidentiality guaranteed.

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