Tutors International Offers the Perfect Solution to UHNW Families Wanting to Resume Travel

Tutors International Offers the Perfect Solution to UHNW Families Wanting to Resume Travel

UHNW families want to travel knowing that their child’s education is not going to be disrupted. Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of elite private tutoring company Tutors International, suggests employing a full-time private travelling tutor to provide high-end, personalised tuition while travelling.

OXFORD, UK: As the world starts to return to post-pandemic normality, many UHNW families are starting to make travel plans. Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of elite private tutoring company Tutors International, offers the perfect solution for parents wishing to resume travel whilst not disrupting their child’s education: a travelling tutor.

Travelling Tutors

Caller elaborates: “We can provide our Clients with a full-time travelling tutor who will provide personalised high-end tuition. This ensures that your child’s education is not compromised by frequent travel. Many of our families have multiple international homes and worry that uprooting their child will have a negative impact on their academic studies. Employing a tutor who travels with you between homes provides continuity and uninterrupted academic structure for the child. Our families are able to travel together, enjoying peace of mind in the knowledge that their child is receiving a world-class education from a travelling supertutor”.

“To Travel Is to Live”

Experts have long promoted the positive benefits of travel and how it can enhance education. Tutors International endorses that sentiment. Says Caller: “It’s exciting to see more families and schools recognising the benefits of multicultural, experiential learning, and the increasing number of enquiries we are receiving at Tutors International is testament to the commitment parents are making to enhance their child’s education. After two years of extreme disruption to children’s education, families are eager to resume international travel. Whether this is for the trip of a lifetime, work-related, or dividing time between multiple homes, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of a superlative education for their children. Travelling tutors, offering tailored private tutoring, are the key to both meaningful travel and a high-quality stable education.”

Working Hand in Hand With Schools

It may well be the case that parents are keen to work in tandem with their child’s school. Caller points out that a travelling full-time tutor can devise a programme of study ahead of the trip that combines curricula and materials from their school with the additional opportunities that new countries and activities present: “Creating a personalised curriculum allows the child to seamlessly integrate back into school after returning from travelling”, Caller adds. “Tailored private tuition also allows the tutor to offer a strengths-based education which focuses on the child’s talents and learning style. Parents whose children have reaped the benefits of this course of action are full of praise for Tutors International:

 “It was an incredible experience we had and I’m still getting used to the fact of being back in Portland and our old routine. My kids learned a lot travelling with the tutor. Their school work improved also. I’m sure the effects will continue to show as time passes”.

Extensive Experience

Tutors International was founded in 1999 and so Caller has extensive experience sourcing high-quality travelling tutors. He is keen to stress however, that finding the perfect tutor for a family takes time: “After getting to know the family, we then conduct a customised global search with the aim of finding a tutor who will meet your exact educational needs. We don’t select from an already existing database of tutors, instead, we will conduct a bespoke and thorough search, tailored to your needs. We will then prepare a detailed job specification and, in due course, compile a shortlist which is shared with the Client. Selected candidates are then put forward to interview with the family. To ensure that the best private tutor is found, this process can take up to nine months. With this in mind, I would advise all parents who are considering travelling extensively with their children in the near future, to plan ahead and contact us now.”

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