Tutors International highlights the solitary nature of high-end private tutoring roles in new video series for the Financial Times

Adam Caller, founder of the leading private tutoring firm, and full-time residential tutor, Nathaniel Hannan, spoke this week - as part of FTs 'The New Downstairs' video series [1] – of the isolation that can be felt by tutors, and the particular qualities required to tutor the children of the super-wealthy.

The role of a private tutor in a wealthy household, and the opportunities, salary, and travel that come with it, is indeed a glamourous prospect for aspiring educators, but it comes with certain sacrifices and pitfalls that are not suited to everyone.

In the video, Nathaniel Hannan, a tutor working with Tutors International, explains that he had initially intended to join the priesthood, later opting for private tutoring instead. He found the sense of inner reflection and the outer good that he gained from his work to be very similar, but also expressed that he is unable to sustain personal relationships long-term due to the unique demands, travel commitments, and level of discretion required for such a role.

In response to the video, Adam Caller commented:

"Being a full-time residential tutor, particularly in a wealthy household, is an attractive opportunity for a committed and talented tutor, but it can be isolating and takes a particular temperament and individual to thrive in this role. Some tutors decide not to renew their contract after a year and want to return to their friends and family. It's very important that a tutor understands their own temperament, the environment of the role, what travel is required, what opportunities there are for interaction with other staff members and for developing new friendships outside of the job.”

Maintaining a professional relationship with the families they work for is another commonly cited social obstacle that can be faced by full-time residential tutors. Mixing socially can be problematic, as well as observing professional boundaries by not discussing personal matters with employers.

Mr Caller added: "The Downton Abbey analogy referred to throughout the video is an accurate one. In UHNW households, the staff and employer are on opposite sides of the coin. If tutors are required to attend social functions, they must remain an exemplary staff member at all times and conduct themselves professionally, although some situations can be more fluid, depending on the employer. However, many of our tutors find relief in the camaraderie and team dynamic among other household staff members, and immerse themselves as part of the team. We also find this with Sea Tutors, where the tutor often mucks in with other crew members aboard a private yacht."

Tutors International was founded in 1999 and has placed tutors with UHNW families all over the world, in a variety of different circumstances, including full-time residential and travelling positions. The company prides itself on its discretion, commitment to due-diligence, and its ability to match the perfect tutor for the needs of each individual client.

Mr Caller stressed that unlike other private tutor placement services, Tutors International work with client and tutor far beyond the recruitment phase, and that while the video states tutors can command salaries up to £72k, that is usually the starting point for a Tutors International tutor.

For more information on the services offered by Tutors International, and the benefits of private tutoring for UHNW families, visit https://www.tutors-international.com/. Tutors can browse the latest international vacancies and submit an application by visiting Latest tutoring vacancies


[1] The New Downstairs: Tutors https://ft.com/tutors and The New Downstairs, Emma Jacobs. The Financial Times (Video). February 2017

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