Tutors International expands its Hong Kong team as demand for British private tutors booms in China.

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017
Tutors International expands its Hong Kong team as demand for British private tutors booms in China.

In contrast to recent reports in the media [1] of underwhelming Chinese student recruitment for UK schools and universities, Tutors International announced this week that demand for British private tutoring has never been higher in Asia, while introducing a new team member in the region.

Tutors International founder, Adam Caller, announced this week that the firm has appointed new Business Development Manager (Asia) Muying Shi to aid its expanding Hong Kong office in providing expert private tuition to a growing number of Chinese families, from full-time home education, to preparation for a move to the UK education system. The firm reported that the swell in demand for its services, coming from Asia, was largely down to the need for reputable, diligent tutoring firms in a market that is saturated with ‘super’ tutors who are more akin to celebrities than educators.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International, commented: “We are thrilled to have Muying on board in Hong Kong. The tutoring market in China, and Asia in general, is often more about the marketing than the substance, and that is not how we – or the families that come to us – like to do business. Tutors International has built its reputation on our rigorous approach to due diligence and our thorough matching process, and our clients are assured that we will deliver what we promise, because we have testimony from happy clients all over the world. We established our offices in Hong Kong to better service Chinese families who wish to prioritise substance over style.”

Muying is a superb fit for this position. She is fluent in Mandarin, Korean, and English and has an excellent grasp of Japanese. She began her professional life in administrative work before moving into a very successful career in education. Muying has worked as a teacher in some of Beijing’s most prestigious schools since 2010, and since 2015 has been involved with the recruitment and training of new teachers. She also has experience working in British schools, and so has a compete understanding of the differences in education systems between China and England. Her new role with Tutors International will bring together her language, business and teaching skills, and her cultural awareness will be of great importance to Tutors International as they work to increase their presence in Asia. With her linguistic abilities and education experience, Muying has already opened up new client possibilities and has demonstrated a clear commitment to helping Tutors International successfully expand into the Asian market. She brings expertise to the team which adds significant value to the services that Tutors International offer, and her ability to communicate effortlessly to native Mandarin speakers will make her invaluable to the company.

Mr Caller added: “I have no doubt that this new addition to our Hong Kong team will enable Tutors International to further our reach into Asia, and play a vital role in helping us connect more talented, individually matched, British private tutors with Chinese families who desire their services. Despite disappointing numbers of Chinese students in UK institutions, we can certainly attest that demand for bespoke British education in Asia is showing no signs of waning.”

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