Tutors International Announces Job Vacancy for an Exceptional Full-Time Private Tutor in Tampa, Florida

Tutors International Announces Job Vacancy for an Exceptional Full-Time Private Tutor in Tampa, Florida

World-renowned residential private tutoring specialists, Tutors International, announces its latest tutoring job vacancy: a full-time tutoring role to two teenagers, based in Tampa, Florida.

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International is a world leader in full-time private tuition. They specialise in sourcing the perfect tutor for each of their clients by conducting a completely personalised global recruitment process that accommodates the exact requirements of each client. This ensures that Tutors International finds not only a world-class tutor but one who perfectly aligns with the lifestyle, attitudes, values and ideas of each family and their child(ren).

Tutors International has recently launched the custom recruitment process for their latest tutoring job (ref. TAM 0522). They are looking for a highly tech-savvy and dynamic teacher, with experience with twice-exceptional children, to commence homeschooling, or a hybrid-school situation, for a 13-year-old boy and his sister. The role will commence as soon as a suitable Tutor can be found.

The Students

There are two children, a 15-year-old girl, who is a freshman in high school, and a 13-year-old boy who is in 7th grade. The primary focus of this role will be the young man, an energetic boy with demonstrated talent in technology far beyond his years.

The boy has profound talents in computers and technology, and a Tutor who can leverage knowledge and experience of these capabilities to vivify his educational experience will succeed in bringing him to love education in ways that his traditional school experiences have thus far been unable to inspire.

He has recently been diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder, ADHD and Dysgraphia. Due to his high IQ and learning differences he falls into the Twice Exceptional Range. His parents have chosen to go with a hybrid-school or homeschool option as a way for him to catch up and learn how best he can learn in the classroom.

The student is very smart, computer savvy, and in fact, has hacked his teachers' email accounts as well as some big websites. He has recently been recruited by the National Security Agency (NSA) to take part in organised hacking competitions through a Florida university. Remarkably, though, he is not performing in school at all, and although school closures exacerbated the situation, it was already a concern before the pandemic. Once the learning environment turns to a teacher in the front of a classroom, he just stops trying. He has consequently fallen well behind in core subjects which just makes it more difficult for him to engage in class. He pays no attention, is often engaged in unrelated activities, and his formal academic progress has lagged. However, he also creates amazing ideas and executes them brilliantly in the tech world.

The student wants to learn a language like Japanese because he considers it to be more useful in the world of technology and is not interested in languages that he doesn't view as useful, such as Spanish, which he must do. His ultimate university goal would be a tier-one top 25 institution that has strong programmes in computer science and computer engineering.

The young man is very capable when in front of adults explaining something technical but is a bit socially behind his peers. He has lots of friends and is very talkative, but still learning the soft skills of social interaction or executive functioning skills, such as taking notes, organising materials, how to study and keep up with assignments and schedules. He respects talented teachers who enjoy intellectual challenges and can explore theoretical topics with exciting practical applications. He respects someone with a degree from a well-known university etc. His parents are keen to ensure that his academic background will be strong to maximize the breadth of his future academic opportunities. The student is never malicious; he is well-behaved but can be crafty.

He enjoys golf, tennis, and basketball. He has no interest in becoming a professional, but rather enjoys them for their own sake — especially golf, a love that he shares with his father. He also enjoys strategy card games such as Magic: The Gathering, and can cheerfully explain them in great detail.

His sister is not the primary emphasis of this role, but there are several ways in which an excellent Tutor could help her to fulfil her own academic potential. She is very organised, works very hard, and loves working within a structure. She is very obedient and diligent. She enjoys being on her competitive cheerleading team. The young lady would benefit from a Tutor who would be able to cultivate her ability in standardised tests. Currently, this is a weak area for her, and her results do not reflect her substantial native intelligence. The disparity between her test scores and her performance on normal school exams causes her anxiety, and someone who would be able to help her to demonstrate her abilities on university entrance exams would be of great help.

Role of the Tutor

This is a complex and multifaceted role that will require a skilled and resourceful educator. Despite the young man's capability with technologies, it is essential that the deficits in core subjects are caught up and that he learns how to conform with the requirements of his school. The school is willing, keen even, to have him back and is open to making considerable accommodations. But he must play his part too and that means being attentive in class, respecting the rules of the community and keeping up with his studies. Despite his social uncertainties, he is well-liked. He needs to learn, however, how to develop these connections into a more collaborative dialogue that makes room for others’ opinions. In short, the main role of the Tutor is to help the young man onto the path of a well-rounded, socially adept, academically responsible young man.

The Tutor will need to develop a structure and timetable for lessons at home. It is expected that a PBL approach will be the best way ahead initially as a vehicle for getting him to see the relevance of working on the core subjects that he needs to catch up on. Ultimately it is hoped that he will see the importance of working on these for his own benefit as separate subjects, or at least that he will do it because he appreciates that people are not asking him to do these things just for something to do. The Tutor will have the use of a well-equipped learning space and excellent resources at the family’s home, and the freedom to take the student out of his comfort zone on hikes or travel further afield, to help his development.

As for his sister, she needs considerable help with her standardised test prep; at present, she doesn’t test well at all and is not getting the scores required for her college ambitions. She also needs to learn to be more confident – or at least learn how to appear more confident – because at present she can come across as being extremely shy.

Hours, Holidays, Accommodation & Travel

This is a full-time job. The Tutor is expected to be available to the family for an average of 35 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Preparation time will be in addition to this contact time.

There may be some travel at weekends and if there is, this time will count at 50% of the weekly tutoring time or will be compensated by the Client with additional pro-rated time off.

The Tutor is entitled to 9 weeks (45 working days) paid vacation per annum. These times are to be arranged directly between Client and Tutor. If the Tutor is given time off with less than 2 weeks’ notice this will not be counted as part of the 45 days.

In Florida, the Client will arrange accommodation, per the Terms, for the Tutor. This will be off-site.

It is very likely that the family will travel, and the Tutor will accompany them during those travels to ensure continuity of academic progress. The family will appreciate a Tutor who is able to utilise local venues to enrich education while travelling. During any periods of travel, the Client will arrange accommodation for the Tutor. As far as possible this will be offsite and not shared with other staff.


The clients are a strong Christian family. While no particular religious affiliation is required or expected of the Tutor, it is necessary that the Tutor be tolerant and accepting of the Clients’ beliefs. They are very socially conscious, and the entire family participates in charitable activities to help foster children, refugees, and other marginalised groups.

Contractual Details

  • Start: As soon as possible
  • Duration: Until 31st August 2023; renewable annually
  • Hours: 35 hours per week
  • Salary: $175,500 per annum
  • Accommodation: Provided
  • Car: Provided
  • Vacation: 45 days per annum

Tutors for Educational Success

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Apply Now

The tutoring job TAM 0522 is open for applications from candidates who are qualified to excel in this high-end tutoring placement. Tutors International asks that if you are a qualified, suitable, experienced and exceptional private tutor that you apply here: www.tutors-international.net/currentpositions.

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