Prestigious Tutoring Job with Travel: Tutors International Announce Vacancy for a Placement in Malta

Prestigious Tutoring Job with Travel: Tutors International Announce Vacancy for a Placement in Malta

World-renowned residential private tutoring specialists, Tutors International, have announced their latest vacancy: a full-time tutoring job with travel throughout Europe, primarily based in Malta.

A Tutoring Job with Travel

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International is a world leader in full-time private tuition. They specialise in sourcing the perfect tutor for each of their clients by conducting a completely personalised global recruitment process that accommodates the exact requirements of each client. This ensures that Tutors International find not only a world-class tutor, but one who perfectly aligns with the lifestyle, attitudes, values and ideas of each family and their child(ren). It is this level of dedication and tailored client experience that earned Tutors International a place in the Growing Business Awards Final for ‘Customer Experience and Loyalty’.

Tutors International has just launched the tailored recruitment process for their latest high-end tutoring job (ref. MAL 0921).

The position will be based at the Client’s main home in Malta. The family spend the majority of their time there and have set up a fully equipped schoolhouse. They have other residences throughout Europe and also travel further afield from time to time. The tutor would accompany the family on those trips.

A capable and intelligent educator is required for an immediate start. The role involves joining an existing tutor to further the education of two children: a girl of 15 (Year 11) and a boy of 13 (Year 9). Both students have been homeschooled on a full-time basis by Tutors International for 8 years.

The position involves teaching a classical British curriculum in an unconventional way. The tutor will ideally combine the academic rigour of a classical education with a flexible, open-minded and adventurous approach. This will require the tutor to be inventive and innovative in the way they adapt the curriculum to inspire the children.

The appointment is initially until the end of the current academic year, with an option for annual renewals. The Tutor will need to design and deliver courses that consolidate and build on their schooling to date and progress them at least as quickly as the best schools.

The Students

One of the key benefits of high-quality private tuition is that the education provided can be personalised and tailored to the learner. An integral part of delivering that individualised tuition is garnering a thorough understanding of the students: their needs, their preferences, their talents, their challenges.

The girl is an intelligent young lady with a warm and thoughtful personality. She is ambitious, enjoys acquiring new knowledge and skills and is eager to please her tutors. She has matured greatly over the last year and is becoming a driven and conscientious student, keen to achieve maximum potential in her fast approaching (I)GCSE examinations.

The boy is enthusiastic, kind-hearted and gregarious with a strong work ethic. He performs academically at a high level and enjoys his schoolwork. He is naturally inquisitive, an asset in any educational programme, and his academic progress attests to his application in all subject areas.  He is now working hard to develop the academic skills and maturity required for a KS4 student and needs a curriculum that will maintain his interest and enthusiasm whilst supporting his development of key study skills.

Tutors International’s tailored and global approach to recruitment for high-end tutoring means they are adept in sourcing educators that can honour and nurture extra-curricular interests, as well as offer academic excellence. In this case, the children’s love and aptitude for skiing invites a tutor who can also ski to accompany them on trips to the mountains.

Accommodating Lifestyle, Travel and Family Ethos

Tutors International specialise in residential private tuition, where Tutors live with the families, or are off-site but on hand to help in the home during agreed hours. This means the tutor has to be so much more than a good teacher. Their personality has to work with the family and the student.

The ideal candidate will need a track record of preparing students for excellence. It is a tutoring job with travel, so the Tutor must be capable of adapting their working style to fit the variable circumstances of working with two children while travelling between locations.

Both students have shown themselves to be committed environmentalists, have a strong moral code and a well-developed sense of justice. These attributes have been encouraged by their family as well as their tutors. Built into their timetable is a weekly session where they discuss and debate world affairs and current issues.

The Ideal Candidate

The Tutor will be responsible for co-teaching the full curriculum to both students in individual lessons. Teaching should have an emphasis on Maths, Chemistry and Geography, but it would be advantageous if other subjects could be offered, particularly Italian, Spanish, classical civilisations, or computer science. It is not absolutely essential that the Tutor is a qualified teacher, but they should have in-depth experience of teaching or come from a strong education background in the British or International system.

The appointed candidate will be highly educated, intelligent, well-travelled, responsible, practical, and down-to-earth, with a strong sense of fun and a wide range of personal interests they can bring to the role. The Tutor needs to be physically fit and active. The Tutor will also need to be responsible for managing the transfer of any teaching materials between locations or during periods of travel, so should be organised and practical.

The Process

Tutors International’s tailored service requires a thorough recruitment method. The application process is rigorous and highly customised for every tutoring job. Of the hundreds of CVs and résumés from private tutor applicants, they only shortlist the candidates that meet every single criterion on the job specification and consider only the very best and most qualified of those shortlisted tutors. They then check references for every tutor being considered. The remaining handful of tutors that pass every quality check are then interviewed in person. The two best candidates are then put forward to the Client. The final decision is made by the Client.

The MAL 0921 tutoring job is open for applications from candidates who are prepared and qualified to excel in this wonderful high-end tutoring placement. Tutors International asks that if you are a qualified, suitable, experienced and exceptional private tutor that you apply here:

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