Travelling Tutors: Tutors International Urge Clients Resuming Travel to Enquire About Full-Time Private Tutors Now

Monday, March 29th, 2021
Travelling Tutors: Tutors International Urge Clients Resuming Travel to Enquire About Full-Time Private Tutors Now

As the world begins to reopen, travel recommences. Travelling tutors are the key to families resuming travel plans without further disrupting children’s education. Elite residential tuition company, Tutors International, urge families planning extensive travel – or those residing between multiple properties – to enquire about full-time private tutors now.

Travelling Tutors

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International specialises in providing bespoke full-time private tutors for high net-worth families. As the world emerges from pandemic restrictions, many of these families will either be planning extensive trips, living between multiple properties, and resuming travel for work. Tutors International has extensive experience sourcing high-quality travelling tutors. This means families do not have to choose between travelling the world and their children's education.

Having a full-time private tutor to travel with the family means that not only are studies uninterrupted, but children and their parents get the very best out of their trip. They experience a deeper understanding of the geography, language, history and culture of the places they visit. With travelling tutors, they learn about sustainable, responsible travel and fundamental skills for living in the wider world.

Many of Tutors International's clients have multiple international homes and are delighted that private travelling tutors enable the family to visit them more often and benefit from the whole travel experience.

If families wish for travelling tutors to conduct their practice in tandem with a school, that is also possible.  A travelling full-time private tutor can devise a programme of study ahead of the trip that combines curricula and materials from school with additional opportunities that new countries and activities present.

Tutors International even launched Sea Tutors to accommodate families based on yachts. Here, travelling tutors provide academic structure to life on the ocean waves. The job of a full-time private tutor aboard a yacht differs from a land-based position in many ways, and successful placements require expertise that can only come from experience.

Client Experience

One family on an around-the-world yacht trip hired a full-time private tutor via Tutors International. They give an example of what travelling tutors can offer:

“Every other Friday [the children] have a Regional Module, where they work with the tutors on the geography, history and culture of the country we are in. They had decided last week that they would put on a Greek play, using their knowledge from Pompeii combined with research into Greek life and mythology. They wrote the play, made props, costumes, programmes and music, and practised and practised and practised some more. Amazing!”

Families with a lifestyle that permits or requires extensive travel will need to get in touch about travelling tutors as soon as possible. Tutors International’s bespoke recruitment process takes time. A senior representative from Tutors International meets with the Client to gauge their requirements and personal values. Then they compose a detailed job specification. Then they conduct a global search, shortlist the best candidates, and the Client makes the final decision. The sooner families considering a travelling tutor get in touch, the more likely it is that Tutors International can help them.

Adam Caller

Founder and CEO, Adam Caller, explains why an initial enquiry should be made well in advance of needing a travelling tutor:

“The high standard of full-time private tutor that Tutors International and our esteemed clientele require cannot be found overnight. There is a bespoke and thorough search for the perfect tutor. This takes time.

“After a year of extreme disruption for children’s education, the last thing families want is yet more upheaval, but they are also yearning for international travel. Whether this is for the trip of a lifetime, work-related, or dividing time between multiple homes, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of a superlative education for their children. Bespoke travelling tutors are the key to both meaningful travel and a high-quality stable education.”

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