How to make the most of learning whilst travelling: new advice issued by Sea Tutors

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019
How to make the most of learning whilst travelling: new advice issued by Sea Tutors

Sea Tutors, a specialist division of leading private tuition company Tutors International, has today issued education advice to families considering travelling this summer and beyond.

OXFORD, UK: As families start to make travel plans for the summer, the specialist international private tuition provider Sea Tutors has issued advice on how to gain the most educationally from travel opportunities. Adam Caller, founder of Sea Tutors and its parent company Tutors International, has put forward three key top tips for families when travelling – whether during summer holidays or on a longer-term basis.

Adam Caller commented, “Travelling

provides a fantastic opportunity for children to enhance their education

naturally and intuitively. However, many families don’t make the most of the

travel opportunities available to them, either through lack of educational

planning for short holidays, or by avoiding longer-term travel through fear of

disrupting their children’s school education. However, vacations and

international travel offer exciting opportunities for multicultural,

experiential learning.”

Advice to make the most of learning whilst travelling

  • Enjoy and learn from new experiences: Exotic environments are unique and enriching learning opportunities, allowing children to reap the benefits of multicultural, experiential, global learning. Use local geography, language, and culture as an opportunity to explore different settings.

  • Create a positive relationship with learning: Taking time out from school life and traditional learning environments can reignite a love of learning away from the pressures of the classroom. The real-life application of education provides immediate gratification and can create incredible pride, whether that involves testing out navigational skills at the helm of a boat or conversing with locals in a newly learned language. Travel enables children to immerse themselves in learning, reap the benefits, and expand their horizons literally and academically.

  • Consider a private tutor: There are myriad benefits of hiring a private tutor to accompany the family whilst travelling, whether that is for a short summer holiday break or a longer-term period of international travel. The best tutors are able to act as language teachers, translators, and cultural guides, effortlessly absorbing local geography and culture into a tailored education programme benefiting the whole family. Travel-based tuition provides a unique stage for world-class learning, and could include anything from geology and science lessons on the slopes of a volcano, to writing and performing Greek tragedies while cruising the Mediterranean.

Adam Caller explains, “We have seen that, with the support of a private tutor, the opportunity to expand pupils’ horizons leaves the student refreshed and with more confidence in their own abilities and their academic future. By identifying and resolving any individual difficulties one on one, away from the pressures of a classroom, the experience can significantly change student attitudes to learning, helping them to mature more quickly and leapfrog academically.”

He added, “Having a private tutor on

board opens doors to both world-class education and unforgettable adventures. The

tutor can design engaging projects for the student, using each location as a

springboard for their lessons. There may be some occasions of formal tuition,

but for the most part the best tutors will remain conscious that the family is

on holiday, and should weave their lessons into their activities accordingly.

There may also be circumstances in which yacht-based tutoring can include the

whole family, such as excursions to sites of historic importance for which the

tutor has prepared inclusive activities for everyone attending.”

About Sea Tutors
Sea Tutors fills a specialist niche in the private tutoring sector. It was founded by the team at Tutors International to provide an academic structure to life at sea. Sea Tutors sources tutors to meet any specific requirements a family might have, whether that’s finding tutors with their own children who can join on board as companions for pupils during extensive travel; locating tutors able to provide part-time assistance to the yacht crew; or finding tutors with extra skillsets such as watersports experience, diving qualifications, or proficiency in specific languages. Tutors integrate seamlessly with family and crew and have first-hand experience of life at sea.

Sea Tutors invites families to get in touch to discuss individual needs for the coming summer vacation and beyond, including short-term holiday placements and longer-term roles to support ongoing international travel. The search for a tutor can commence with no commitment required.

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