‘Sea Tutors’ Reveal What It’s Like to Tutor Onboard a Superyacht and the Qualities Needed to be a Superlative Full-Time Private Tutor at Sea

Thursday, March 25th, 2021
‘Sea Tutors’ Reveal What It’s Like to Tutor Onboard a Superyacht and the Qualities Needed to be a Superlative Full-Time Private Tutor at Sea

Tutors International launched Sea Tutors in 2015, which specialises in placing high-quality full-time private tutors on yachts. They have released first-hand anecdotes and experiences from full-time private tutors who have worked in these seafaring positions, showcasing the nature of the job and the qualities necessary to thrive as a full-time private tutor at sea.

Sea Tutors

OXFORD, UK: In 2015, the prestigious team at Tutors International launched Sea Tutors to fill a specialist niche in the private tutoring sector. Sea Tutors provides high-quality full-time private tutors to families on yachts.

One full-time private tutor, Joanna, taught on a 60m superyacht for 6 months and sailed all around the South Pacific. Locations included Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Australia, Palau and Indonesia.

Some aspects of full-time private tutoring are the same whether at sea or on land, but there are inevitable marked differences. Joanna, who sailed around the South Pacific, explains:

“I was very fortunate to have a designated air-conditioned classroom onboard, and was on hand in New Zealand to help provision the classroom with all the resources I needed, including a smartboard! We maintained a good routine and timetabled classroom learning in the mornings and then activities and excursions in the afternoons. So, in some respects, it was very 'normal’. However, I will always remember teaching under sail and having to brace ourselves at interesting angles during lessons some mornings!

“It makes for lots of very memorable moments, but teaching the boys about volcanoes and being able to stand on the edge of an active Volcano in Vanuatu while it steamed and spluttered with them, was definitely one of them.

“We also kayaked to an uninhabited island in New Caledonia for an afternoon of beach-combing and happened upon nesting sea snakes (banded sea kraits) - another incredible experience that led to a lot of learning!

“Exchange rates and different monies provided ample maths opportunities. Language and cultural differences could be discussed and debated. There were so many adventures and experiences from which questions and learning could happen naturally. This is one of the reasons I am a big believer in education and travel going hand in hand.

“I learned how wonderful a trip like this is as a life/educational experience, even if it’s just for a term or two. I would definitely like to do it with my son once he is a bit older.”

Recruiting Full-Time Private Tutors

This kind of full-time private tutoring job requires a very special, dedicated and accomplished tutor. Sea Tutors operates within the Tutors International model of recruitment; a thorough and bespoke global search is conducted for every client enquiry, to find the perfect full-time private tutor.

In order to maintain the high-quality reputation of Sea Tutors, there are certain qualities that applicants must possess. Full-time private tutors recruited by Sea Tutors demonstrate academic excellence, ample experience, and meet every aspect of the job's detailed specification.

Adaptability and Teamwork

An experienced full-time private tutor at sea outlines what qualities she deems crucial for successfully tutoring on a superyacht:

Adaptability is probably the most important, followed closely by being a team player. The former, because itineraries and plans change at a moment’s notice, be it due to weather, tides, customs officials etc, and the latter because you are working and living in close quarters with both the crew and the family 24/7. You need to be able to help out wherever needed.”

*The names of the yachts and families have been kept anonymous in accordance with Tutors International’s commitment to discretion and confidentiality.

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