Sea Tutors urges families considering summer tuition at sea to act now

Sea Tutors urges families considering summer tuition at sea to act now

Sea Tutors, the leading international provider of elite yacht-based private tuition, prompts families to secure 2020 summer tuition now. Sea Tutors is a specialist division of Tutors International.

OXFORD, UK: Sea Tutors, the leading private

tuition company providing world-class tutors for sea travel, has issued a

reminder for families to appraise their summer travel tutoring requirements now.

To secure the best private tutors in time, families should begin discussions

with tuition providers as soon as possible.

Sea Tutors fills a specialist niche in the

private tutoring sector and was established by the team at Tutors International

to provide academic structure to life at sea. It supports families with the

foresight to make the most of travel opportunities, and the more time a family

allows for the recruitment process, the more rewarding the private tuition

experience will be.

Adam Caller, CEO and founder of Sea Tutors,

commented, “We have seen a marked increase in families adding private tutors to

their yacht crew. Tutors are often hired on a short-term basis to add real

value to family travel.  Additionally,

since Sea

Tutors sponsored a student to complete six months at sea while continuing his

studies, we are speaking with more families who want to provide their children

with superb education wherever they are in the world – and we are excited to be

able to enhance their adventures with bespoke tuition. Our tutors share this

passion for adventure and discovery, absorbing local geography and culture into

a tailored education programme benefitting the whole family.”

Expanding on Sea Tutors’ current sponsorship, Mr Caller explained: “We are sponsoring 16-year-old Dutch student Tobias Zijlstra to take part in a six-month School at Sea programme. While continuing with the curriculum set by his school in the Netherlands, Tobias is taking responsibility for his educational progress and gaining valuable sailing and travelling experience. Tobias is keeping a first-hand account of his journey on his blog, perfectly exhibiting the myriad opportunities of blending travel with education.”

Sea Tutors is committed to offering the same

quality tutelage while travelling on a yacht as can be achieved in a fixed

location. The company specialises in fulfilling a variety of tutoring positions

aboard yachts including full-time schooling, exam preparation placements, and short-term

roles designed to maximise the educational potential of international travel

environments. Sea Tutors employs private tutors who integrate seamlessly with

family and crew and have first-hand experience of life at sea.

Sea Tutors prides itself on providing

flexible and elite tutoring solutions to meet any specific requirements a

family might have. This includes sourcing tutors with their own children who

can join on board as companions for pupils during extensive travel; locating

tutors able to provide part-time assistance to the yacht crew; and finding

tutors with additional proficiency in watersports, diving, or specific


Mr Caller concluded, “Travelling provides a fantastic opportunity for young people to enhance their education naturally and intuitively. We are thrilled to support families exploring more inventive and adaptable education options to enhance their lifestyles. Of course, with summer tuition placements in particular, our tutors remain conscious that the family is on holiday, and weave lessons into their activities accordingly. As our clients have discovered, a private tutor on board opens doors to both memorable adventures and world-class education.”

Get in touch
Sea Tutors invites families to get in touch to discuss individual needs and assess all options for summer 2020 and beyond. To ensure peace of mind, the search for a tutor can commence with no commitment required.

For more information about engaging a private tutor at sea and summer tuition, visit To find out more about Tutors International and the services it provides, visit

Summer tuition: student life at sea. S teenage boy reading aboard the Thalassa boat in the ocean as part of the School at Sea programme
Student life at sea: aboard the Thalassa as part of the School at Sea programme

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