Mounting public interest in private tutoring industry places Tutors International in media spotlight

Mounting public interest in private tutoring industry places Tutors International in media spotlight

Adam Caller – educational consultant

and founder of leading global tutoring company Tutors

International – recognised internationally as

spokesperson on private tutoring questions

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International today announced that the number of media enquiries it receives increased significantly in 2018, culminating with multiple interviews across international BBC platforms in December 2018. Tutors International founder Adam Caller expressed his pleasure with the increased opportunities to raise the profile of the private tutoring industry internationally, and embraced the chance to address the many questions both prospective clients and tutors may have about full-time private tutoring at home. Mr. Caller’s statement follows multiple media appearances, including his latest interview on BBC World News programme ‘Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst'.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International, is interviewed on BBC World News programme 'Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst'.

The BBC has also called upon Adam Caller as a leading private tutoring industry expert for print and radio interviews, including an in-depth BBC Capital feature on ‘what drives an elite super tutor’, and an interview on BBC Radio 4’s ‘In Business’ programme with Caroline Bayley.

Mr Caller, an educational consultant with over thirty years of experience in the industry, said: “I am thrilled to be recognised by the BBC as a go-to spokesperson and thought leader on the private tutoring industry. The role of private tutors is often greatly misunderstood, particularly that of elite full-time private tutors working in the homes of their employers, so I always welcome any opportunity to help demystify and expand upon the reality of the private tutoring industry. The increasing media interest is testament to the commitment parents are making to enhancing their children’s education.”


in 1999, UK-based Tutors International provides ultra-high net-worth

families with a bespoke tutoring service tailored to their specific needs

and circumstances.


Caller commented: “The private tuition business as a whole is extremely buoyant

at the moment, with the market set to be worth $227 billion in next three years. We

are currently seeing the most growth in Asia and the US, but Tutors

International’s exponential growth globally continues to put us ahead of the

curve. As awareness of private tutoring increases, so does the number of media

outlets wishing to report on the profession. As such, it’s exciting to see more

people recognising that the traditional education system cannot cater to the

needs of a growing number of children and families, so the bespoke services we

offer enable our clients to custom-build their child’s education to meet the

needs of each child and the family as a whole. Our placement process is

designed to deliver a tutor who ticks every box for each individual client and

we are delighted by the number of children who are now thriving thanks to the

focused one-to-one attention that our tutors provide.”


media coverage helps to increase transparency on what a private tutor is – and

isn’t. Mr. Caller added, “I’m focused on helping parents realise that

individuals advertising themselves as tutors, ‘super’ or otherwise, are not

required to conform to any regulations, hold any academic credentials, or have

confirmed their DBS status. A successful private tutor will work with their

environment and their student to create engaging, individualised learning

activities which the student will enjoy and retain.”

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