Tutors International reports record recruitment drive for elite private tutors in summer 2018

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018
Tutors International reports record recruitment drive for elite private tutors in summer 2018

Private tutor recruitment: Tutors International has launched an international recruitment campaign for eight elite private tutors worldwide

OXFORD, UK: As global demand for private tuition continues apace, leading private tutoring company Tutors International has announced eight vacancies for elite private tutors around the world, with negotiations already taking place for further tutoring positions in the near future.

Adam Caller, founder of Tutors International, said of the private tutor rrecruitment drive: “I’m delighted that we are able to offer such a great variety of stimulating and challenging roles to qualified and experienced teachers. The range of vacancies we have on offer demonstrates the breadth of tutoring situations we cater for. We are currently seeking tutors for travelling yacht-based roles; multi-location tutoring positions between multiple international family homes; full time examination preparation roles; and long term live-in tutor vacancies across the world, with current openings in the Isle of Man, Mallorca, Luxembourg, Zurich, Hong Kong, Stockholm, and Florida.

Tutors International currently has eight vacancies listed on its own private tutor recruitment website, though Mr Caller noted that he has seen a number of promising applications made through Tutors.Jobs, the only online recruitment platform dedicated to private tutoring. Tutors International publicly announced its support for Tutors.Jobs upon its launch in 2017, declaring it to be a much-needed forum for bringing more talented tutors and potential clients together, following the loss of previous platforms offering similar services.

Tutors International prides itself on its commitment to due diligence, and its thorough matching and recruitment process. Mr Caller welcomes potential applicants to get in touch: “Private tutoring is highly rewarding, and many teachers thrive as private tutors. At Tutors International we are always delighted to hear from passionate educators who want to take the next step in their career. We provide ongoing support throughout the contract period, which, along with our extensive industry experience of catering to high net worth individuals, sets us apart from competing firms. Any teachers or tutors who are looking for help and advice on how to take the next step into private tutoring are welcome to contact us.”

Tutors International receives enquiries from families with a broad range of requirements, including special educational needs. Mr Caller added, “It’s apparent to us that the traditional education system cannot cater to the needs of a growing number of children and families, so the bespoke services we offer enable our clients to custom build their child’s education to meet the needs of each child and the family as a whole. Our placement process is designed to deliver a tutor who ticks every box for each individual client and we are delighted by the number of children who are now thriving thanks to the focused one-to-one attention that our tutors provide.”

To find out more about Tutors International and the services it provides visit www.tutors-international.com.

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