Tutors International issues new advice to prospective tutors

Tutors International issues new advice to prospective tutors

Tutors International founder Adam Caller urges tutoring applicants to heed advice before submitting applications for private tutor jobs

OXFORD, UK: Following a recent surge in registrations for Tutors International placement vacancies, founder Adam Caller has shared his top five recommendations to teachers applying for private tutor jobs.

Mr Caller, an educational consultant with over thirty years of experience in the teaching and tutoring industries, has seen a rise in rushed applications, and multiple identical submissions to very varied private tutoring jobs.

Based on his extensive experience of recruiting exceptional private tutors for elite clients around the world since 1999, Mr Caller urges tutoring applicants to consider the following five points when drafting their applications for private tuition jobs.

Top five tips for private tutor job applications

  1. Read the job description carefully
    “Our job descriptions are crafted to include extensive detail about the pupils’ needs, the family environment, and their precise requirements of a suitable tutor. If the job description is describing someone you know you’re not, don’t apply,” explains Adam Caller.

  2. If you apply, remember that ‘first impressions last’
    “It’s imperative that your job application reflects your abilities and your commitment to securing a suitable role. Your written application will most likely be our first encounter with you, so ensure that it reflects an ability to write impeccably. If your spelling is incorrect or your use of grammar is inaccurate, that is probably all we’ll see.”

  3. Pay attention to the job-specific questions we ask
    “I personally meet and spend time with each prospective client in advance of preparing a job description for tutors. We ask questions in private tutor job descriptions because they are essential to the role. If you answer them in a glib or thoughtless way then we will think that you don’t really care about the job. Your answers are crucial to prove yourself as the ideal candidate to support the pupil or pupils in question.”

  4. Ensure your CV is well-written
    “Good teachers care about presentation and organisation, and it shows in all that they do. If your CV is a shambolic mess, what does that say about your pride and your ability as a tutor?”

  5. Think deeply about your suitability for a private tutor job
    “Tutors International jobs are full-time private service roles. They require people willing to put their own needs aside to a large extent. If you try to shoehorn yourself into the proverbial glass slipper then it shines like a beacon at our end – a beacon indicating unsuitability.”

Mr Caller added, “The private tutors we place

with our clients around the world are not just hired by the hour to improve grades and support a traditional classroom education. Our clients are seeking highly accomplished live-in educators who can inspire academic progress whilst providing emotional support and mentorship to the children.”

Founded in 1999, Tutors International provides families with an elite tutoring service tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. It has offices in the UK, America, and Asia. To find out more about Tutors International and the elite services it provides, including full-time private tutors for families worldwide, visit www.tutors-international.com.

Prospective applicants can browse the latest international private tutor jobs and submit an application by visiting www.tutors-international.net


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