The reported rise of private tuition is a sign of aspiration, says Tutors International

The reported rise of private tuition is a sign of aspiration, says Tutors International

Following media coverage of a report from The Sutton Trust indicating that a quarter of UK secondary school pupils now receive private tuition, Tutors International challenges the view that this rise in tuition popularity should be scorned or feared.

OXFORD, UK: Global private tuition firm

Tutors International has today issued a response to a recent report published

by social mobility charity The Sutton Trust. The report found that more than

one in four UK secondary school pupils have used a private tutor, with students

from wealthier homes significantly more likely to have a tutor than those from

lower-income families. The report calls on the government to introduce

means-tested vouchers to aid access to private tuition for all.

Adam Caller, founder and CEO of Tutors International, commented: “This report does not distinguish between children receiving pay-per-hour private tuition, and those with full-time private tuition such as that offered by Tutors International. However, media reports suggesting that the increased popularity of private tuition is something to be feared or enraged about haven’t grasped the reasons for which families are turning to private tuition if they can find the means to do so. The use of private tuition is not simply an indicator of wealth; it is a sign of aspiration which deserves to be applauded. Whether families scrimp and save to raise funds, or choose to spend a portion of their accumulated wealth on private tuition, it is an indicator that these parents want to provide the best education they can for their children. It is testament to the commitment parents are making to their children’s futures, and if they have or can find the means to do so, how can this reflect negatively upon them as parents?”

A Department for Education spokesperson noted that the government has invested an extra £2.4bn this year

alone which schools can use to provide one-to-one or small group tuition to

disadvantaged pupils, and commented that private tuition “has always been part

of the system and parents have freedom to do this”.

Mr Caller added, “Using a private tutor, whether pay-per-hour or a full-time tutor, does not necessarily suggest a disparaging view of state education. In my thirty years’ experience in this industry, families are increasingly searching for a flexible and personalised approach to their children’s education, and private tuition can address their individual requirements far more effectively than a traditional classroom setting. From addressing specific educational needs through one-to-one support and an individualised curriculum, to accommodating other family, work, and travel commitments, even including schooling at sea, private tuition can be tailored to each family’s bespoke requirements.

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