Should your child be tutored over the Easter break? Tutors International issues new advice

Tutors International founder and educational consultant Adam Caller released new advice this week recommending private examination revision tuition over the Easter break ahead of the forthcoming examinations season.

Tutors International has issued new advice recommending private tuition over the Easter break. Adam Caller, who founded prestigious private tutoring company Tutors International in 1999 and whose career in education spans nearly 30 years, stressed the importance of undisrupted learning for older children with examinations on the horizon. Mr Caller explained, “In my experience, while young children may regress a little over school holidays, they tend to bounce back within three or four days of returning to full time education. Older children and teenagers, however, can find it more difficult to recall information and we have seen students struggle to return to a routine particularly when learning is disrupted shortly ahead of examination season. In our experience, and in order to secure the best chances of success, we recommend that pupils with examinations after school holidays should continue with a programme of education through the vacation.”

A successful private tutor will work with their environment and their student to create engaging, individualised learning activities which the student will enjoy and – most importantly ahead of exams – retain. Because the learning process itself can be enjoyable and incorporated into everyday activities, and because a tutor can identify the specific areas in which a child requires support and address them directly, students are still able to enjoy leisure time over the holidays whilst making vital progress with their studies.

For those students with examinations after the Easter break, the tried and tested revision strategy from Tutors International includes these recommendations:

Last minute revision is just as valuable and relevant as revision undertaken in advance. Keep going right up until exam day. Tutors International recommends that private tutors employed over the Easter holidays should remain with the pupil until the final day of exams, to ensure continuity throughout the revision period.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you are working too hard. You can never be over-prepared for an exam. Using a tutor over the Easter break creates a solid foundation for revision.

Create a timetable and stick to it as much as possible. Some flexibility may be necessary to ensure you dedicate more time to subjects you finding more taxing, but a clear schedule is key. Private tutors can design customised schedules designed to revise and finesse existing knowledge, and to address any gaps in a student’s studies, so that the pupil is fully prepared on exam day.

Parents: plan ahead. Parents ideally need to begin making arrangements nine months before the tutor is required.

Tutors International is currently processing final applications for the 2018 UK and US examination seasons and early enquiries for 2019 tuition. Mr Caller stressed the benefits of making an early start to the recruitment process, ensuring that clients are able to secure the academic support and preparation they need in advance. Mr Caller added, “When we are asked us to find a tutor at short notice, we do usually succeed; however, to hire the very best tutor, you need to start looking early.”

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