Parents Become More Aware of Special Educational Needs During the Holiday Season

Parents Become More Aware of Special Educational Needs During the Holiday Season

The festive season becomes a crucial time for reflecting on academic progress and considering ways to support children's learning journeys

As families get together over the holidays they tend to reflect on the year. They ask how school is going, discuss reports, exams, and overall academic performance, and they may observe struggles first-hand. This is a busy time for us, with enquiries coming in from parents and grandparents who are concerned that children aren’t being adequately supported at school.

The festive season also sees an increased awareness of Special Education Needs (SEN). As families spend quality time together, they may observe unique learning differences in their children. This realization often prompts parents to seek specialized support, recognizing the importance of tailored assistance to ensure a successful academic journey for every child.

There’s always an increase in tutoring enquiries related to SEN support when families have spent more time together, when they talk more freely and observe children in a more relaxed environment.

Support for Special Educational Needs (SEN) often encompasses a broad spectrum of learning requirements, and this includes addressing the needs of gifted children. While SEN traditionally focuses on providing assistance for students facing challenges or learning differences, it's essential to recognize that gifted children also have unique educational needs that warrant specialised support. 

Families are often concerned that their school isn’t equipped to support individual Special Educational Needs, and they reach out to us for educational support from a private tutor with SEN expertise, either to supplement school, or replace it entirely.

Private tuition can support students with SEN in several ways:

  • Flexible Learning Approaches: Tutors can adapt teaching methods to suit the specific learning style and preferences of SEN students, fostering a more effective and personalized learning experience.
  • Customized Curriculum: Private tutors can create a curriculum that addresses the specific challenges and strengths of SEN students, ensuring a targeted and comprehensive approach.
  • Focus on Strengths and Weaknesses: Tutors can devote more time to addressing individual strengths and weaknesses, offering targeted support where needed and further developing areas of proficiency.
  • Reduced Distractions: In a one-on-one setting, there are fewer distractions, creating an environment that is conducive to learning for SEN students who may struggle in busy or overstimulating classroom settings.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Private tutors often offer more flexible scheduling options, accommodating the unique needs and energy levels of SEN students for optimized learning sessions.
  • Building Confidence: The personalized attention and tailored approach of private tutoring can contribute significantly to building the confidence of SEN students, fostering a positive attitude toward learning.

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