Opinion: Children Should See Parents at Work

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023
Opinion: Children Should See Parents at Work

By Adam Caller, Founder of Tutors International

Seeing parents at work can be a good learning experience for children. It's something we should think about more about, especially in the UK. The idea is to mix formal learning, like school, with real-life experiences. For example, in the USA, there's a popular "take your child to work day."

I grew up in a household where work and learning went hand-in-hand. I learned a lot by watching how my parents did their jobs. It taught me about professionalism and how to care for others.

Nowadays, perhaps more than ever, we need to turn our focus to combining book learning with hands-on experience. Introducing ideas such as "take your child to work day" globally may help shape children's understanding of where money comes from and how to behave professionally. Doing this early on in a child's education could be even better than regular work experience programmes typically reserved for late into the child’s schooling.

Why Are Children Seeing Their Parents Work So Important?

Being introduced to a workplace gives children a different kind of classroom. It's not just about books; it's about real life. They see what it takes to do a job well, like the effort and dedication involved.

By encouraging this, we're preparing our children for life, not just school. They learn about different jobs, which can help them make more informed choices in the future.

Looking Back

Thinking about my own experiences growing up, home and work were connected. It helped me grow and learn. We should aim to create a similar setup for today's children so that they can learn from real-life experiences too.

So, let's make a change. Let's encourage more real-life learning, starting with the workplace. It can make children better-rounded and more aware of the world around them.

How Tutors International Can Help

We understand that many of our clients are busy professionals who value education but have limited time. That's where Tutors International can make "take your child to work day", or any day, a seamless educational experience. Our tutors can accompany children to the workplace, helping to explain what's going on in a way that's easy for them to understand. This enriches the child's learning and keeps distractions at a minimum so parents can focus on their tasks.

In addition to helping in your workplace, Tutors International can arrange educational field trips to different work settings. Clients have asked for this before, and it gives children a broader view of various professions. It's an excellent way for them to learn more about different fields, possibly inspiring them for their future careers.

So, with Tutors International's help, you can make real-world learning a valuable part of your child's education without compromising your work schedule. Join us in making education as rich and varied as life itself.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating real-world experiences into a child's education is more vital than ever. Whether it's through observing parents at work or exploring different professions through field trips, these experiences offer invaluable life lessons. 

Tutors International can make this educational journey seamless for busy professionals, enhancing learning without disrupting work. Let's create an educational landscape that prepares our children for the real world, enriching their lives and broadening their horizons.

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