Tutors International to consider one-to-one online private tuition provision on a case-by-case basis during COVID-19 pandemic

Tutors International to consider one-to-one online private tuition provision on a case-by-case basis during COVID-19 pandemic

Tutors International confirms restricted capacity to provide one-to-one online private tuition for high net worth families where live-in private tuition is not an option during the coronavirus outbreak.

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International, the leading provider of elite private tuition services worldwide, has announced that it is able to consider providing one-to-one online private tuition in certain cases as the coronavirus pandemic continues worldwide. Remote private tuition would be delivered directly by experienced and scrupulously vetted private tutors.

This move comes as Tutors International receives record numbers of enquiries from parents investing in extra educational support. The company has some skilled private tutors available who would be suited to undertake part-time and full-time remote private tuition roles.

Tutors International provides high net worth families with a bespoke tutoring service tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. This includes full-time and part-time homeschooling for all academic stages, subjects, and international curricula. Any online tuition provision would include the use interactive whiteboards, screen-sharing technology, and collaborative software.

Adam Caller, founder and CEO of Tutors International, commented:

“Our priority is safeguarding student health and educational wellbeing. We understand that in these challenging times, our prospective clients may not be able to accommodate tutors for face-to-face tuition. We are considering online tuition provision on a case-by-case basis as another way we can assist our clients, connecting them with brilliant tutors who are committed, trustworthy, and experienced in motivating students to perform the best they can. Clients would interview and select their preferred private tutor via video conference, and see first-hand that – regardless of distance and outside a classroom environment – our tutors can engage, inspire, and enable students to achieve.”

All tutors working for Tutors International, whether offering online private tuition or face-to-face private tuition, have passed rigorous selection and interview procedures. Tutors International recruits and employs qualified teachers with enhanced DBS checks, verified qualifications and employment history, and additional background screening clearance conducted by a leading international security firm.

Adam Caller added:

“While online private tuition does not fully replicate the efficacy of face-to-face tutelage, it can offer peace of mind and continuity of education to families concerned about health security, travel restrictions during lockdown, and schooling disruption. We are exploring all avenues of supporting families through this period of uncertainty and change.”

Tutors International has also recently confirmed that it has private tutors available for full-time live-in private tuition placements in the UK, Canada, Australia, and many US states and European countries. Families considering private tuition are encouraged to get in touch to check up-to-date private tutor availability as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect schooling.

To find out more about Tutors International and the elite services it provides, including one-to-one online private tuition for families worldwide, visit www.tutors-international.com.

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