Micro School: The Schoolhouse Sees a Modern Revival as Tutors International Recruit for Exciting Tutoring Job in Puerto Rico

Micro School: The Schoolhouse Sees a Modern Revival as Tutors International Recruit for Exciting Tutoring Job in Puerto Rico

The ‘micro school’ has been heralded as the next innovative step in modern education.

Residential private tutoring company, Tutors International, are recruiting for an accomplished tutor to help found a small-scale neighbourhood micro school in Puerto Rico.

Micro Schools

OXFORD, UK: The global pandemic and its subsequent disruptions to schooling has forced an international re-evaluation of education. Many saw the benefits of homeschooling and personalised tuition. According to Melia Robinson at The Insider, the reinvention of the schoolhouse into a modern micro school is the next innovation:

“The next big trend in education could be mixed-grade classrooms with personalized instruction — the modern-day one-room schoolhouse, essentially.

“A traditional private school might sit on a sprawling, leafy campus with hundreds, if not thousands, of kids separated into grade levels. The ‘micro school’ model turns this on its head, bringing students of all ages into the same classroom and using technology to cater the curriculum to each child's needs. Teachers serve as facilitators, rather than lecturers, and kids learn through projects, not memorization.”

This movement into integrated, interdisciplinary learning is building momentum. The revolutionary High Tech High collective from California operate within this model, as does the San Francisco Bay-based network, Altitude School (previously AltSchool).

Tutors International: Traditional and Modern

Tutors International has stated before that their approach to residential private tutoring incorporates elements of tradition and modernisation. Tutors International’s residential private tutoring aims to promote all the best things about long-standing educational traditions – that is, the personal attention, the stability, and the academic excellence. They combine these features with more modern approaches, like highly personalised matches, the integration of mainstream resources where desired or appropriate, and a commitment to supporting each student's individual talents, hobbies and character. This combination of modern and traditional approaches to education is something that both residential private tutoring and the schoolhouse format can accommodate well.

Vanity Fair said the following of Tutors International’s specialism:

“Bespoke tutoring is a kind of refurbished version of the 19th-century model—academic enlightenment courtesy of erudite tutors. Among people with means, who live by the ethos that there’s no problem that shouldn’t be fixed if it can be, that education is just one more system that can be tinkered with, tailored, and fully optimized.”

Although what Tutors International does may initially seem traditional, it is in fact cutting edge. The Puerto Rican job that requires a tutor to spearhead a micro school was listed by Tutors International two months before The Insider’s article about the emerging micro school trend.

Tutoring Job in Puerto Rico

Tutors International is currently recruiting for a full-time residential private tutor for a family based north of Ponce in Puerto Rico.

The Client is seeking a tutor for their 9-year-old daughter. The family is also pioneering the idea of a local neighbourhood schoolhouse. The COVID-19 pandemic cut the child’s Second Grade short, thus the family were inspired to establish a small-scale school. The micro school will need to be facilitated with the help of a high-quality experienced tutor. The complexity and responsibility of this residential private tutoring position requires a superbly organised individual with impeccable record keeping. The ideal candidate will seamlessly juggle a range of ages, levels of attainment and bilingual resources (English and Spanish), and must, therefore, have a keen eye for detail and an unrivalled dedication to the role.

Tutors International specialise in specific, tailored, and all-encompassing residential private tutoring, making this exciting position the perfect recruitment search for them. The uniqueness of this particular job is a testament to Tutors International’s commitment to client needs, and their experience conducting global searches for the perfect tutor.

More information about the position and application process can be found at www.tutors-international.net.

Alternatives to Mainstream Schooling

Tutors International is getting more and more requests for private tutors who can provide highly individualised education, whether that be a neighbourhood micro school, or an educator who can integrate horse riding into the core curriculum. Ultimately, families are becoming increasingly disillusioned with traditional schooling, especially over the last year or so. Any families that would include themselves in that category, or are even just beginning to consider alternatives to full-time mainstream schooling, should get in touch with Tutors International.

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