Parents seeking private tutors for March 2020 and beyond advised to act now, says Tutors International

Monday, June 17th, 2019
Parents seeking private tutors for March 2020 and beyond advised to act now, says Tutors International

Leading private tuition company Tutors International highlights the ideal timeframe for families considering hiring a private tutor

OXFORD, UK: Global private tuition

firm Tutors International has today issued advice to parents considering hiring

a  full-time private tutor, recommending

that they allow sufficient time for the recruitment and selection process if

they wish to secure a tutor ideally matched to their requirements.

Adam Caller, founder and director of

Tutors International, explained:

“Anyone contacting us now, June 2019, regarding hiring a private tutor would ideally be looking for a March 2020 start date. This allows time for recruitment, extensive applicant vetting, the interview process, the opportunity for clients to meet shortlisted candidates – and crucially, time for the tutor to hand in the required full term’s notice if they are currently working in a school. It’s vital that parents plan ahead; if prospective clients contact us now, we can commence with the headhunting process and provide the very best candidates for the vacancy.”

Whilst Tutors International will

still endeavour to assist families working to a more urgent timeframe, Adam

Caller’s advice is to get in touch even if private tuition is just one option

for consideration next year. He explained, “Many tutors are on holiday over the

summer and not actively looking for new jobs, and secondly teachers need to

give a full term’s notice. In the UK, this means teachers handing in their

notice now would not be able to start until January. In the US, some teachers

will have the option of working a ‘fourth term’ over the summer in order to

start in September, but regardless it is difficult for us to complete the

recruitment process over the summer as it is more problematic securing the

required references whilst schools are closed.”

He added, “If someone approaches us

in June for a September or January start date, we are generally limited to a

pool of teachers who have already handed in their notice without a new position

lined up – something that often concerns us – or educators who are willing to

drop a new role for a better offer, which is also concerning. This is why even

a January start date is a tall order for parents approaching us in June.”

Adam Caller did highlight one exception which could see parents finding a suitable candidate within a shorter timeframe: “For all private tutor positions we put forward two or three exceptional shortlisted candidates, who have all been thoroughly vetted before meeting our clients. This means one or two exceptional educators are left over after the selection process, and they may well be perfect for another role we encounter. However, we pride ourselves in never compromising on candidate suitability, so we cannot make guarantees that these educators would be ideally matched to another vacancy.”

Yearly planner: parents advised to act now to  hire a private tutor in March 2020 and beyond

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