Healthy Screen Time: Finding the Right Balance for Children

Healthy Screen Time: Finding the Right Balance for Children

In the modern world, children often use screens like phones, tablets, and TVs for large amounts of time. It is important for parents and teachers to make sure children's screen time is not harming their well-being.

At Tutors International, we know that many parents are worried about the amount of time their children spend in front of screens. This blog explores how to ensure the time spent on screens is fun and beneficial for children.

How Screen Time Affects Children

Recently, there's been a lot of worry about children using screens too much. Spending a lot of time on screens can lead to less physical activity, problems with sleep, slower thinking skills, and loneliness. It is important for adults to control their screen time to make it worthwhile and helpful for children.

What is Healthy Screen Time?

Good screen time is when children do fun, educational, and positive activities on screens. These activities should help children learn, be creative, and interact with others. A good balance of screen time includes both online activities and activities done offline for overall growth.

Less Homework and Less Dependence on Technology

Adam Caller, the founder of Tutors International, says many parents are worried about the high amount of screen time influenced by schools. Parents want to find a balanced way for their children to use technology. They see the value in technology but want to use it in a controlled way.

Encouraging Useful Activities

Healthy screen time should include activities that are useful and help children understand the world better. This can involve educational apps and online platforms that encourage thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. Balancing screen time with other activities like sports, reading, and talking face-to-face is also vital.

Private tuition can help control screen time while still helping children to use digital tools. Tutors can create lessons that mix online and offline activities, focusing on quality over quantity. This approach helps to limit screen time and uses the benefits of technology for learning.

Tutors can use practical experiments, outdoor activities, and direct conversations to offer a full learning experience. They can also use technology for specific tasks like online research or creative projects. This helps children build important digital skills without relying too much on screens.


As parents and teachers, it's our job to help children have a good relationship with technology. By focusing on healthy screen time, we can make sure children benefit from technology without missing out on other important activities. Let's work together to help children succeed in a world where technology and real life mix together.

At Tutors International, we are dedicated to helping find the right balance of screen time with understanding and care. We welcome you to work with us in raising a generation that is not only good with technology but also developed in other ways. Contact us to learn more about our custom tutoring solutions that combine technology and traditional learning in the best way. Let's work together to build a future where technology aids, not hinders, learning.

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