Education in China: Tutors International Offers Solutions for Concerned Expats in Light of International School Disruptions

Education in China: Tutors International Offers Solutions for Concerned Expats in Light of International School Disruptions

The tightening control of education in China has raised concerns for expats. As private schools retreat and crackdowns on private tuition are suggested, Tutors International offer their advice.

OXFORD, UK: The tightening control of education in China is causing concern as international private schools retreat and the threat of restricting private tuition develops.

International Private Schools Retreat

As the Chinese Government propose to prohibit foreign curricula, international private schools are moving out of China. This is creating a turbulent time for students and their families. According to The Times:

“Private schools with branches in China are retreating for fear their brands may be damaged by tighter restrictions on international education in the country. The 50 international schools operated by British institutions face limits on what they can teach and many are looking elsewhere, MPs and education experts have said.

“The Chinese government maintains a firm grip over education. In March the education ministry issued new guidelines for evaluating schools including bilingual private schools, and any schools teaching local pupils must follow the national curriculum there.”

Providing Stability During Changes to Education in China

Many families will be dealing with the fallout from international private schools having to move. It is another disruption to the children’s education on top of a year disturbed by the pandemic.

Founder of Tutors International and experienced education consultant, Adam Caller, supposes that full-time private tuition is the solution. Whether families are seeking a private tutor to manage the transition period as their child’s school relocates, or if they wish to switch to high-quality homeschooling full-time, then private residential tuition could be both a stabiliser and an improvement on their current education.

Tutors International is a prestigious private tutoring company specialising in personalised residential tuition. Unlike almost all other tutoring companies, which keep a database of tutors, Tutors International recruits from a global talent pool and conducts an individually customised search for each client enquiry. This results in a tailored high-quality education from a world-class tutor who is a bespoke match for that student and their family.

Tutors International is experienced in sourcing the best tutors who can travel with families and provide stability for students. They can complement and accommodate the travel and lifestyle of HNWIs and their families.

Adam Caller’s Advice

Adam Caller details a recent enquiry from a client concerned about the changes to education in China and its impact on international private schools:

“Recently, a Client got in touch to say that he wanted to provide a stable high-quality education for his son and was concerned about the changes happening to education in China. He is not alone. Many are left seeking reliability and a high standard of education, and high-end private tuition can provide this. For both expats and Chinese people, there are options and we are one of them.”

Tutors International’s highly personalised service and superlative standards do mean they have a high net-worth clientele; however, Mr Caller offers an inventive solution for those who may otherwise be precluded:

“If our costs are prohibitive, then you can organise some family friends to join you, then we can find a tutor to move through several children. This is more complex and a cooperative plan requires more organisation than can be summarised here, but you can call or email us to discuss your options.”

This cooperative system, as well as the micro school concept, are cutting-edge movements in education and something Tutors International have experience recruiting for.

Private Tutoring Means Educational Freedom

One of the key problems causing private schools to retreat from China is that their Government are barring foreign curricula. If a prospective client was seeking a more globalised education but was reluctant to relocate, then a residential private tutor could give them more freedom in what their child was learning about. As Adam Caller states, “Tutors International is able to provide an international context to the child’s education.”

Private Tuition in China

As well as tighter control on curricula, China is also proposing restrictions on private tutoring. An exclusive in Reuters details the planned new rules:

“China is framing tough new rules to clamp down on a booming private tutoring industry. […] Under the planned rules, on-campus academic tutoring classes will be banned, as will both on and off-campus tutoring during weekends, two of the [sources] said. Regulators will also clamp down on off-campus tutoring, in particular for English and math, they added, restricting class times on weekdays.”

How they will enforce these rules remains to be seen. That said, a residential tutor could circumvent even these restrictions. A live-in or residential tutor becomes an extension of the family. Whatever tuition they provide will be monitored by the families who employ them. It is a different, personalised and more thorough approach to private education.

Considering a Private Tutoring Solution?

Anyone looking into options in light of the changes to education in China should consider a private tutor. Full-time private tutors enable stability, personalised education and can accommodate global lifestyles. Get in touch with Tutors International as soon as possible; the thorough and customised recruitment process takes time, so if you are seeking a tutor for the academic year commencing September 2021, Tutors International recommends that you get in touch imminently. A preliminary enquiry is free.

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