Tutors International Release Advice for Potential Clients Seeking a Full-Time Private Tutor Following COVID-19 Controlled Exit Announcements

Monday, March 15th, 2021
Tutors International Release Advice for Potential Clients Seeking a Full-Time Private Tutor Following COVID-19 Controlled Exit Announcements

Founder of Tutors International, Adam Caller, urges anyone considering a long-term full-time private tutor should get in touch now, rather than waiting for the next academic year.

OXFORD, UK: Elite tutoring company, Tutors International, recommends that any families considering a full-time private tutor to retain a sense of stability in this year’s scheduled restriction changes, should send their preliminary questions now, rather than over the summer.

Considering a Full-Time Private Tutor

The Government has made announcements about schools reopening. Families considering a full-time private tutor tend to wait for the educational landscape to settle before making decisions about tutoring, especially in the wake of the pandemic’s upheaval. Although it may seem sensible to put enquiries on hold until more information about schools reopening is released, that is not the case. Founder of Tutors International, Adam Caller, strongly advises that anyone considering a full-time private tutor in some capacity should get in touch as soon as possible. He explains why:

“Families considering full-time private tuition in some form or another – whether alongside mainstream schooling, or in place of it – lose nothing by sending an initial email to us. A preliminary enquiry can answer any pressing questions and help guardians be better informed going forward with decisions about home tuition.

“From experience, families tend to deliberate for a length of time about what kind of tutoring they want, in what capacity, and if they want it at all. Then, when a new academic year or terms starts, Tutors International sees a rush of enquiries about full-time private tutors that demand a tight turnaround. It’s far more likely that we can help you if you contact us in the deliberation stage, rather than at the critical moment when your child needs a full-time private tutor imminently.

Recruitment of quality and bespoke tutors takes time. Our recruitment process is extremely thorough in order to deliver our exceptional standard. First, there are preliminary meetings or video calls with the client to gauge an in-depth understanding of the student’s needs and character. After this, a detailed job specification is drafted and published, and tutors submit their applications. This prompts hundreds of applicants for each job posted, which are then vigilantly read, assessed and vetted by the account manager.  The best applicants need to be vetted and interviewed. When the best candidates have been identified, introductions are made to the client. The final decision is made by the Client.

“This is why we recommend that enquiries are made in good time, even if they are simply initial questions.”

The Benefits of Tutoring

As schools return, many families will retain tutors or even seek out full-time private tutors, because the benefits of full-time private tuition will have been self-evident. Wendy Stokes’s ‘5 Benefits of Tutoring’ article covers Adam Caller’s advocation for home tuition. Referenced herein is the fact that ‘a good tutor can easily sense when a student doesn’t completely understand or know a topic or skill when working one on one. They can polish this and fill in gaps until a student has complete mastery. […] In school, this transfers to being fully prepared, lowers anxiety, and increases confidence.’

As an expert in full-time private tutoring, Mr Caller offers a proactive solution to any families feeling hesitant in the face of impending periods of sustained change:

“The world’s reopening, the vaccine is working, and travel is beginning. As a result, people are taking stock. It’s a time where people are taking long trips, moving country or reshaping their lives. There is no better constant for your child and their education than a tutor that can do all of that with you. There’s also going to be concern about how much students have missed out on in the last year. A high-quality full-time private tutor is going to be their best chance of catching up. If families considering tuition start the conversation now rather than in summer, they have their options open.”

  • Tutors International provides an unparalleled tutoring service that matches the right tutor with the right child, in order for the student to fully reach their personal potential and academic excellence.
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