Adam Caller Speaks Out About the Impact of A-level Grade Inflation on University Students

Adam Caller Speaks Out About the Impact of A-level Grade Inflation on University Students

Spiralling grade inflation is leading to an increasing number of enquiries for private tutors, Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of elite private tutoring company Tutors International, reveals.

OXFORD, UK: For the past two years, more students than ever have received top grades in their A-level exams. In England in 2019, 25.2% of students achieved grade A or higher; in 2020, 38.1% of students were awarded the same grades. Last year, this upward trend continued, resulting in 44.3% of A-level candidates achieving grade A or A*. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in record numbers of students being accepted to study their first-choice course at university

Struggling Students

In a recent article, Adam Caller, reported that grade inflation is not always of benefit to students, rather, it has led to an increasing number of students finding themselves on courses for which they are unsuited. Caller reports that his company, Tutors International, a prestigious tutoring company specialising in luxury education for a select clientele, has seen a steady increase in enquiries from undergraduate students needing help from a private tutor.

Says Caller: “Ofqual have stated their intention to ‘provide a safety net’ for students by once again grading exams more generously this year. However, as I predicted over two years ago, this has resulted in an increase in the drop-out rate of students at university. This can only mean that some students are struggling on a university course which assumed a certain level of ability or knowledge based on their exam grade, which, it turns out, was inflated”.

Tutors International: Leaders in Their Field

Caller continues: “If you are finding your course too challenging, there is an alternative to dropping-out or failing: personalised high-end tuition can help bridge any gaps in knowledge and provide one-to-one tuition where the student needs it most. This is what Tutors International excels in. We are a world-leader in private tuition and will guarantee to find our Client a super tutor in their field. This might be a professional with a Masters, Doctorate or MBA in their subject, but we will always conduct a tailored search to find the most qualified tutor, one who is the best fit for the student”.

Tutors International has offered its services to several students who otherwise would have dropped out of university. “We supported an undergraduate through Cambridge who was struggling with his course who, with our help, succeeded in getting an Upper Second. He then went on to follow a successful career in cancer research”, comments Caller. He continues: “In the last few months, we have had four enquiries from students in London who started university in 2021”.

Don’t Delay – Get in Touch

Caller suggests that any student who is considering dropping out of university, or who feels they are struggling with their course, should get in touch as soon as possible. He reiterates: “If you are experiencing difficulties with your course and considering leaving university, think again. We can help you with elite, world-class private tuition that will help you overcome any stumbling blocks and meet your exact educational needs.  Make an enquiry with Tutors International now. Our in-depth global recruitment process takes time, so any student considering private tuition should get in touch as soon as possible”.  

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