Work Harder: Adam Caller Responds to Advice on How to Restore Academic Confidence

Work Harder: Adam Caller Responds to Advice on How to Restore Academic Confidence

There’s no shortcut to restoring a child’s academic confidence other than to work harder, says Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of elite private tutoring company Tutors International.

OXFORD, UK: In a recent article, a specialist educator listed four easy ways to restore a child’s academic confidence. Adam Caller, Founder and CEO of Tutors International,  vehemently disagrees with the advice.

Hard Work = Success

The article suggests that a child should consider dropping a subject if they are struggling. It goes on to further propose that the child might be advised to type rather than to handwrite. Thirdly, it recommends that the child practise producing work under time pressure. Finally, the child should be instrumental in communicating their educational difficulties to their teachers.  “I take issue with all the suggestions given in this article”, says Caller. “There’s no nicer way of putting it, there is no shortcut to success other than hard work. Yes, there may be benefits to learning how to touch-type, but that won’t help with learning facts and unless the child uses a complicated equation editor, it certainly won’t help with writing mathematical and scientific expressions”.

Masking the Truth

Caller is keen to make the point that many parents hide from the truth and come up with excuses as to why their child has not done well: “One of the most frequent phrases I come across in my line of work is, ‘my child studied too much and that’s why they didn’t do well’. This is nonsense”, comments Caller. “It’s down to whether your child knows the material. Simply put, if your child studies hard enough, they will be successful”.

Caller goes on to stress that if a child’s academic confidence is low, then the likely cause is that they have lost confidence in their learning environment. “This is where Tutors International can help”, suggests Caller.

The Solution to the Problem: Tutors International

Tutors International, an elite private tutoring company, specialises in full-time residential private tuition for a clientele of high net-worth families. Of the services his company can offer, Caller states: “We are a world-leader in private tuition and we guarantee to provide your child with the best fit private tutor; one  who will meet their exact educational needs. If your child is having difficulties processing information then the perfect home tutor can distil the pertinent information down for them. Perhaps your child has gaps in their knowledge? Our personally tailored one-to-one tuition will identify those gaps”.

Unparalleled Private Tutoring Service

Adds Caller: “Whether Clients want a live-in tutor, a full-time educator to work alongside mainstream education, or a homeschool tutor able to incorporate extra-curricular expertise, Tutors International’s recruitment process will find the perfect fit for the student and their family. Once we have found the tutor who best suits your child’s educational requirements, they will sit down with you as a family to get to know you and will continue to work closely with you. This way we can ensure that your child will receive high-end home schooling and private tuition to suit your lifestyle”.

Contact Us Now

Caller encourages parents whose children are experiencing educational problems to contact Tutors International as soon as possible: “No matter the problem, we can help”, he reaffirms. “If you have any questions or need advice, do get in touch, sooner rather than later, as we need time to design the very best personalised home-schooled learning programme for your child. The difference we can make to your child’s future is enormous”.

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