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A specialized tutor is sought for an adult student, a highly intelligent and driven individual with multidisciplinary background. The student aims to achieve complete fluency in Mexican-Spanish. Additionally, the role includes providing an hour of daily instruction to his two daughters, aged 5 and 7, who reside in Australia. The role requires an in-person Mexican-Spanish or Colombian-Spanish instructor capable of relocating to Malta and available to travel flexibly with the student.
A busy, multilingual family seeks two exceptional Tutors to provide an international education for their two young boys, aged 5 and 6. English will serve as the core language, with Italian as a second language. Proficiency in French and German is also desirable. The family are involved in motor sports, art and equestrian sports at a very high level and are passionate about all aspects of these. Their dynamic lifestyle involves frequent travel across Europe, occasional visits to the Middle East, and the US, requiring Tutors who are adaptable, patient, dynamic, and open-minded. The educational approach should be student-centred, fun and make use of the family's extensive travel as learning opportunities.
London, Newcastle, Cardiff or Lugano
We are seeking a highly qualified and excellent young professional architect, to provide academic support and mentorship to an ambitious architecture student preparing to commence her university studies. The Tutor will offer ongoing guidance throughout the student's undergraduate education, addressing academic inquiries, coursework challenges, and exam preparation. Additionally, the Tutor is expected to facilitate wider architectural education and internship opportunities either within their own practice or through prestigious architectural firms. The specific location of the job isn’t yet known, but will be London, Cardiff, Newcastle or Lugano.

A short-term, highly skilled tutor is sought to provide intensive French language and general educational support over the summer holiday, starting mid-July to August 1st at the latest, and continuing through the summer. Tutoring is for three boys aged 7, 8 and 14. The initial weeks will be spent in Paris, with planned travel to other destinations including Qatar and Dubai. The tutor must be adaptable and willing to travel with the family, providing consistent educational engagement across various locations.

There is another position starting in September with the same family, based in Djibouti. The ideal candidate will be available for both this short-term position and the long term position.

A highly skilled and adaptable tutor is sought to provide long-term educational support for three children, aged 7, 8, and 14, in Djibouti. The role will commence around September 1st and will continue for several years, based on the family’s needs and the children’s academic progress. The position requires a deep commitment to the children’s educational development, focusing on addressing significant academic gaps and enhancing their overall learning experience. The tutor must be prepared to engage in a comprehensive educational role that includes both academic and physical activities, fostering a well-rounded development for the children.

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