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A skilled teacher with experience of the US curriculum is required to work as a full-time private teacher, for three children (14, 12 and 10) starting as soon as the right candidate has been found, and no later than June 2024. The successful candidate for this role will be able to teach the full range of subjects to a high level as well as sharing their passion for the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. Although it’s by no means a requirement, it would be helpful if the Tutor can also teach Mandarin.
An able and experienced educator is required for a hybrid home-schooling role starting as soon as practicable. The tutor’s primary student will be an 8-year-old boy who is currently enrolled in an IB school, and secondarily his 15-year-old brother. This role will suit an energetic, inspiring, and knowledgeable Tutor with experience of the US education system. The Tutor must be well-versed in methods of educating students with ADHD. The role will be based in Wisconsin, but there will be elements of travel across the US and further afield.
A specialized tutor is sought for an adult student, a highly intelligent and driven individual with multidisciplinary background. The student aims to achieve complete fluency in Mexican-Spanish, motivated by personal reasons, in just one year. Additionally, the role includes providing an hour of daily Spanish instruction to his two daughters, aged about 6, who reside in Australia. Initially, lessons may begin online with a Spanish (Spain) teacher, transitioning to an in-person Mexican-Spanish or Colombian-Spanish instructor capable of relocating to Malta and available to travel with him for ongoing, immersive language training.
This specialized full-time tutoring position for a tutoring couple (one in a full-time role and the other in a 0.4 role) in Virginia caters to a unique family situation, focusing on a young lady, 17. She is on the autism spectrum and is recovering from a period of significant anxiety. She is an artistically gifted individual who has faced educational challenges due to past depression and medication side effects. The role requires sensitivity to her unique needs, integrating her talents in art and passion for cat breeding into a personalized educational approach. Another component of the role includes assisting her mother, highlighting the multi-layered nature of this position.
A skilled and empathetic educator is sought for a challenging role with a family located in the countryside of Virginia, with frequent visits to West Virginia and possibly Maine. The primary focus is on a bright yet socially reserved 14-year-old struggling with school attendance and familial complexities. The role involves home-schooling him to prepare him for GCSEs and A levels, with a long-term goal of applying to an Ivy League university (Stanford mentioned). The tutor will need to provide organizational support, focusing on details, and facilitate a broad, world-classroom educational approach to leverage the student's past experiences and current interests.

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