Case Studies: Switzerland, Full Time, Unhappy at School

As well as conducting customised recruitment processes for each Client enquiry, our ability to innovate in the tutoring market has set us apart from other high-end tutoring companies. Tutors International supplies elite tutors onboard yachts and superyachts. We’ve recruited micro-school coordinators in the Puerto-Rican mountains, specialist SEN tutors, and academic-vocational hybrid tutors.

This highly specialist service, tailored approach, and exclusive client base earned Tutors International the epithet, ‘the Dom Perignon of tutoring companies’ (The Good Schools Guide). TI Tutors and Clients alike have shared why we are deserving of this title.

Here you can read through some case studies of exemplary private tuition that we have assigned all over the world:


Full Time
Boy (17)
Instead of School, Unhappy at School
The boy had been expelled from his excellent school in Beijing and had a poor GPA. He had ambitious academic plans which appeared to be utterly untenable.
Tutors International managed a comprehensive home-schooling solution. The young man graduated with a 4.2 GPA just a year later, and passed four AP exams at grade 5. He opted to delay his College application for a year and was accepted to the top 4 high schools in the US for a PG year. He is now thriving.

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